charleston soundboard

Details of the five most popular models follow, others are available e.g. English and Italian virginals.All instruments are constructed from the finest materials. Jacks are made from pear or service wood with holly tongues, adjusting screws and usually quilled with delrin. Keyboards are  made from bass wood, topped with ebony and bone and are noted for their smooth, light and silent action. Soundboards are of high quality spruce and may be decorated in the  traditional way with flowers, birds, fruit and insects in tempera paint. Cases are made from solid timber, either lime or poplar and are designed to be as light and strong as possible. All harpsichords can have the ability to transpose, usually from A 415 to A 440. The widely popular strong, demountable tripod stand and elegant integral music desk are standard.  Quotations for more ambitious period stands and decoration, Andrew’s speciality, are available.